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My Meeting is certified as MEM - Meeting and Event Manager! UNI 11786:2020 standard


From today the qualification of Meeting and Event Manager is certified

The congresses and events sector associations Federcongressi&eventi and MPI Italia Chapter are the examination centers for the acquisition of the Certification of the professional figure of the Meeting and Event Manager

7 October 2020-The meeting industry reaches an important milestone. Thanks to the commitment of the Federcongressi&eventi and MPI Italia Chapter associations, MICE professionals can now obtain the professional qualification of Meeting and Event Manager.

The certification responds to the increasingly felt need of the entire sector to give a recognized identity to a professional figure with complex, articulated and constantly evolving skills who, especially in a complex context such as today's, are increasingly required to have profound technical knowledge updated. Not only that: the possession of the certification and increase the titles to be exhibited in the participation in calls for tenders that require the presence of certified professionals.

Thanks to the agreement signed with Intertek (a multinational company accredited by Accredia for the provision of inspection and certification services for management, product and people systems) both Federcongressi&eventi and MPI Italia Chapter are examination centers authorized to issue certification of qualification. The exam is based on 3 tests, one of which is oral, and can be accessed by professionals in possession of prerequisites which include 5 years of professional experience, the level of education and participation in specific training courses.

The reference standard for the certification is UNI 11786-Unregulated professional activities. Meeting and Event Manager Knowledge, skills and competence requirements.

All the names of the professionals who have obtained the Meeting and Event Manager certification have been published in the databases of the Accredia website https://bit.ly/2Toodpx

The certification of Meeting and Event Manager is a decisive goal for the meeting industry, a fundamental element to increase the recognition not only of individual professionals, but of the entire sector. Like all goals, this too is the result of constant commitment and work.

Our profession requires knowledge, skills and competences and the regulation in the UNI standard is certainly a concrete tool for measuring knowledge and raising quality standards.




My Meeting has defined and documented a Quality Management System and applies it constantly over time by:

  • demonstrate that they can provide a service that meets customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements;
  • increase customer satisfaction, improve business performance, ensure compliance with customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements.

Purpose of the My Meeting is to plan, organize, manage and deliver scientific congresses, conferences, meetings and training events mainly in the health sector also accredited for the program of Continuing Medical Education - CME







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